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[Sangcheon Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Usage and Description (features / merits):
As an auto-ignition type electrical heater, it features safe and prompt ignition.
Screw-type auto fuel supply system: Fuel is supplied by turning with the screw in a consistent, repetitive supply and pause motion, maintaining a constant amount of heat.
Failure cause check: When the product malfunctions, it checks for possible causes of failure.
Automatic response sensor against overheating: It stops the heat-causing excessive operation of a boiler, enabling safe use.
Fuel Control System: It enables the efficient use of fuel, helping save fuel while generating much greater heat.
Quadruple cover prevents backfire.
In particular, this is designed to be automatically extinguished even if a backfire occurs in the fuel storage tank.

Features / Merits
This is a product that the company has developed over the past four years. Five patents have been registered while two patents are in the application stage. This product of Sangcheon adopts a vortex tray-type burner, designed for the pellet to be completely burnt on its original spot. This results in pellet savings of about 20%. Other products use a gun-type blower, consequently blowing fuel in the fuel tube.