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Motor with High Temperature and High Pressure

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Fluid pump of Sangcheon Co., Ltd. developed the product by educational-industrial cooperation with Kyonggi Institute of Technology for a year. It is finished of registration of utility model as well as technical evaluation, and neither in domestic nor overseas has this product been produced. With the completion of internal and field tests for 2 years, it is designed to transport any kinds of fluids like high temperature fluid (200°C).

Moreover, it's the world smallest product and possible to pump with 30 kg of pressure. Product with 35w of consuming power and the smallest size can be replaced with the existing middle and large pumps, and it has the tremendous difference in noise with the existing one. Also, it costs less than middle-sized one of the existing product.

Fluid pump of Sangcheon Co., Ltd. is applied to various fields of domestic, including small-sized steam boiler, mat cleaner, liquefied injector, steam car washer, small sized spray, medical appliances, and industrial equipments, and is utilized in various fields of businesses, including small-sized steam boiler, car washer, and medical appliances in domestic. And, sample presentation and price negotiation with overseas' buyers are on going. This product is applied to place in need of discharge pressure with its feature of small size and high temperature. Also, fluid pump can be applied to chemicals and special fluid since the inside of pump is designed and made with materials.